Stan Hollenbaugh Gunsmith - Locksmith
The S.H. single set trigger can be used either as a single
stage trigger or set.
It is adjustable for both setting pressure & release
pressure when set & no trigger creep. The lock must
have a sear release pressure of five (5) pounds or less.
Warranter against defective parts or workmanship as
long as not altered.
Comes with installation instructions. I am told that it's the
best one available!
$65.00 plus shipping & ins.
Rocco sight set as used on early rifles .
Either pure silver front & rear or brass front & rear.
Silver set - $48.00
Brass set - $30.00
Both sets have a steel rear sight blade
Traditional heart front sight found on fowlers .
Solder onto barrel.
Pure silver $16.00
Brass  $12.00
Grotesque mask front sight, the nose
is the sight post.
Pure silver $ 16.00
Brass  $12.00
Solder on.