Stan Hollenbaugh Gunsmith -Locksmith
In 1958 Robert Ditchburn developed the Ditchburn J.P. Beck rifle lock and shortly after the pistol
lock, which has been used by gunsmiths & hobbyists. This rifle lock was taken from an original
J.P.Beck rifle and has been used over the years as a replacement lock in many original
Kentuckies, where the original lock was missing. In 1976 Stan & Bob Ditchburn
became friends & started a long association where Stan benefited from the advice & instruction
of Bob in both stocking & lock building. In 2000 Stan purchased Mr. Ditchburns lock business &
has built the J.P.Beck rifle & pistol locks since that time.
These locks are not mass produced "job shop" locks. Like custom barrels, they are made one at
a time & require as much time to build as a custom barrel. When completed there is no further
work to be done on the lock. All of Stans locks come with a lifetime warranty (lifetime of the smith)
against defective parts or workmanship
"All of the locks made in my shop are custom made from my own castings which I machine & hand finish.
All of the main springs are hand forged by me. All heat treating is done in my shop. All screws are
made & heat treated by me & are hardened & tempered in my shop.The locks are then hand finished &
glass beaded (if desired) for easier browning".
The J.P.Beck rifle lock. 4.75" x .850"
Both the rifle & pistol locks are available with brass plates & pans and
are made with a steel bushing in the tumbler hole, where the hammer
rests on the plate & at the mainspring pin locating hole.

Brass J.P.Beck rifle or pistol lock $295.00
The J.P.Beck pistol lock 4.20" x
.770"          $225.oo